- Monday, November 07th

Last Friday night, we pretended it was November 8 cause we would be broke by then. Lol. We spent what was left of our allowances before our mini sem break starts to have dinner at CPK, Greenbelt 5 to celebrate two things:

the end of this ridiculously cruel semester and our twentieth month.

It’s bittersweet yet i cannot wait for this sem to be over. It was a good fight. We fought real hard. We did our best and I think whatever happens next sem, whatever the verdict is, we will still have each other, we will still be doing our bests. 

I am sorry if ever my gut feel is right. I know how much you sacrificed just to be with me, hoping we’ll go to clinics together and graduate together! I’m sorry to disappoint you. I know if i fail Oral Patho, a lot of things will change, a lot of things will go to waste. 

Just know that failing and getting delayed isn’t the only thing that hurts.

Our plan of posting our “dream status message” announcing our triumph over 3-1 would be postponed for a while, at least for me. :(

Why am I so fckn emo tonight? I guess I just feel the jitters cause I know this week would be tough and eventful. Sleepless nights and tearstained pillows might be my guests. 

I know deep inside what’s gonna happen to me but you know, hearing it would make it more real, more heartbreaking. 

God help me toughen up. God help me accept defeat. God make me see through a different perspective.

This is supposed to be a happy monthsary thing post but oh well. I’m sorry.

Advance Happy Twentieth, Aaron. Thanks for fighting with me through 3-1. 

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